Peter J . Timoney, MVB, MS, PhD, FRCVS

Department of Veterinary Science

International Experience:

  • Function as an O.I.E. (World Organisation for Animal Health) international designated specialist on two infectious diseases of horses, Equine Viral Arteritis and Equine Rhinopneumonitis.
  • Responding to requests from government regulatory authorities not only in the USA, but also overseas for input in formulating their respective import policies for specific diseases, e.g. EVA, CEM, equine rhinopneumonitis, West Nile encephalitis.  The volume of these requests continues to increase, confirming the need to provide such a service for regulatory authorities in other countries.
  • Responding to requests from equine industry representatives and shipping companies for assistance in resolving issues concerning international movement of horses and equine germplasm from the USA to other horse breeding/racing countries.  This is an ongoing activity that provides important support for the equine industry.
  • Involvement in a wide range of national and international committees, especially membership of the OIE ad hoc group on international movement of horses.
  • Rapporteur for the USA in providing interim and quarterly reports to the International Collating Center, Newmarket, UK, on occurrences of selected equine infectious diseases in the USA.
  • Veterinary representative to TOBA on matters of equine diseases, including the provision of an annual report on behalf of the association at meetings of the International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation.  Also advisor to the Jockey Club on all issues pertaining to the international movement of racehorses within and outside the USA through service on the International Movement of Horses Committee of the IFHA.