Department of Horticulture
Associate Professor, Sustainable Organic Horticulture Production
Director of Undergraduate Studies - Sustainable Agriculture Program

Contact Information

International Experience:

  • Costa Rica 2014 - led a student study tour with departmental Horticulture Club
  • Hosted students form 2009-2014 in UK Farming Apprenticeship from maejo University and ENESAD in Dijon, France
  • Vicosa, Brazil 2013 - research presentation and establishment of a student exchange program with the University of Vicosa
  • Tamale, Ghana 2011 - hosted a Norman Borlaug Research Fellow from the University of Developmental Studies and gave a presentation at their university
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand 2008, 2009 - research presentation and led a student study tour with faculty from Maejo Unviersity
  • Turin, Italy 2006 - United States delegate and presenter at the Slow Foods International Meeting
  • Toronto, Canada 2002 - conference presenter
  • Basel, Switzerland 2002 - conference presenter