Brent Rowell

Department of Horticulture

Extension Professor, Vegetable Crops Specialist, 1994-2006

Extension Specialist, International and Sustainable Horticulture, 2012-present


Specializes in:

-smallholder horticultural crop production systems

-gravity-fed and solar-powered drip irrigation systems

-counterpart training in Southeast Asia


International Experience:

-Led vegetable crops extension program south-central Bangladesh, 1978-81

-Developed first Cambodian national horticultural crops research station, 1984-87

-Developed integrated pest management program with Nat’l. Biological Control Research Center at Maejo University, Thailand, 1988-91; 2003-04

-Fulbright Scholar, Maejo University, Thailand, 2003-04

-Fulbright Scholar host, University of Kentucky, 2005

-Developed low-cost drip irrigation systems for small farmers in Myanmar, 2006-12

-Assisted development of smallholder drip irrigation systems in central Vietnam, 2009; 2011

-Established collaborations between Myanmar’s Yezin Agricultural University and UK, 2014

-Annual visits to Yezin Agricultural Univ. on behalf of UK-CAFÉ, 2012 to present

-Team member to establish solar-powered small farm drip irrigation in Gujarat, India, Nov 2014.

-Exploratory visit to Cuba on behalf of UK-CAFÉ, 2015