The excel file below contains a list of all international agreements on file in the UK International Center.

The list can be found in the tab titled "All agreements."  Each row in the spreadsheet contains information on one agreement.

By default, the list is ordered by country.  If you wish, you can reorder the list by  clicking on the arrow in row 1 in any column.  

Clicking on the arrow will reorder the entire list according to the data in the column you've selected.

The spreadsheet contains the following information:

  • Country
  • College Sponsor (Agreements not negotiated by a specific college are designated "university-wide.")
  • Partner University
  • Agreement Type
  • Effective Date
  • Expiration Date
  • PDFs of Agreement, "International Cooperative Agreement Information" form, and "Partnership Assessment"
  • Sponsor Department
  • Beginning Year
  • Expiration Year
  • Expiration Status
  • Other College Sponsor
  • Principal Contact at UK
  • Other Contact at UK

Files for Download:
PDF iconagreements.pdf


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