Ukraine - Curriculum Development at Cherkassy Institute of Management

In collaboration with Alabama A&M University, UK developed “Development and Enhancement of Curricula in Business Education and Outreach at Cherkassy Academy of Management, Cherkassy, Ukraine, under a Market-Oriented Economy.”  The Cherkassy Academy of Management is now called the East European University of Economics and Management (EEUEM). This project involved developing a training manual that was used for Summer Institutes on Business Development, teaching modules at each of the Summer Institutes and hosting three scholars from EEUEM for six weeks in early 2004. More information.

 Romania - Agribusiness Improvement Project

The University of Kentucky worked with Romanian farmers to transition from small-scale, subsistence agriculture into a system with increased efficiency and competitiveness in order to compete in the Central European market and to earn membership in the European Union. This involved working to improve the ability of Romanian agribusinesses and agricultural entrepreneurs to successfully sell products and services, provide technical expertise that will assist Romanian agribusinesses in improving the quality of existing food products and to develop new products for export, and to work with farmers to form marketing groups in order to enter the system with larger volumes of higher quality products.  More information.

 Republic of Georgia - Improving Agricultural Education

The University of Kentucky worked with the Georgia Institute for Public Affairs to improve the educational quality of agricultural colleges and secondary schools in the Republic of Georgia (ROG) to assist in developing a curriculum and in conducting courses in ways that assist in improving the agriculture in the ROG. UK also worked with the ROG to develop an agricultural teachers association. More information.

 Serbia - Technical Assistance in the Extension System

The University of Kentucky worked to help improve Serbia's extension system in order for it to serve as a catalyst for business development and growth. A workshop worked with agricultural consultants to become better at stimulating economic developments through training and technical assistance in community development. More information.

 Armenia - 1999-2001

CAFE assisted the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Marketing Assistance Project in Armenia. Dr. Craig Infanger served as leader of the project. Two other faculty members were involved in the project. 

 Poland- 1989-1993

CAFE assisted the U.S. Department of Agriculture Extension Service in strengthening agricultural services and Poland and other Eastern European countries. Seven professors or other professional staff have participated. Dr. John Ragland served as the leader in Poland.


The University of Kentucky and ENESAD have an exchange relationship that dates back to 1991. Since that time, there has been an exchange of students between teh two institutions - ENESAD students come to the UKy for internships lasting approximately seven weeks and UKy studnets go to France for a two-week summer tour. More Information.

French Ministry of Agriculture and associated educational and research institutions - exchange of faculty and students, exchange of farmers and agribusiness persons, collaboration in developmental efforts in third countries


2010 - Dr. Kristina Ricketts, Dr. Bryan Hains and Dr. Ron Hustedde led a three-week trip to Scotland that highlights global citizenship in the frame of community development, leadership and emotional/cognitive development.


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