Republic of China 

Shandong Agricultural University, Taian, P. R. China - exchange of faculty and students, collaborative research, and exchange of publications

Faculty exchange with China's Renmin University.

2012 - Faculty and Student exchange with China Agricultural University's (CAU) College of Economics and Management. A group of UK students was led by Dr. Hu to visit CAU, where they presented their team work at a workshop and participated in a student cultural event. CAU college-level administrators also visited UK's campus. A memorandum of collaboration was signed between the universities.


Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thiland - graduate training of professional staff from the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Kasetsart University, Kamphangsaen, Thailand - exchange of faculty and students, collaborative research, and exchange of publications

Maejo University, Chiang Mai, Thailand - exchange of faculty and students, collaborative research, and exchange of publications

1989 - The University of Kentucky signed a USAID funded linkage program with the Thai Ministry of Agriculture. This project provided for collaboration between the University and the Northeast Regional Office of Agriculture. 

1982 - The University of Kentucky was contracted by USAID to plan and help implement a rainfed agricultural development project in Northeast Thailand. The project's purpose was to enhance levels of living through improved agricultural productivity of low income farmers in the Northeastern areas which are not currently, or in the foreseeable future, to be served by irrigation. A secondary purpose included developing and testing, in selected representative pilot areas, integrated farming systems developmental approaches with might later be implemented in broader areas of Northeast Thailand. More Information.

1967-1975 - The University of Kentucky was selected by USAID to enter into a contract to assist the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to establish a regional research center which would service the 16 provinces comprising Northeast Thailand.  During the course of this contract (1967-1975), Kentucky helped select and send to the United States for graduate training, 118 Thai agricultural specialists representing most of the fields of agricultural science.  The completion rate (i.e., those who completed their training objectives and received their degrees) of 97 percent was extraordinarily high.  In carrying out this institution-building program in Thailand, twenty-nine faculty members served at the center.

1956 - The University of Kentucky was fortunate to have been selected by Government of Indonesia through the United States foreign aid program to assist educational programs at two Indonesian higher education institutions: (1) an institute for technological education at Bandung, and (2) an institute for agricultural education and research at Bogor.  During the 10 year life of the projects, numerous professors and staff from the Colleges of Agriculture, Arts & Sciences, and Engineering served in Indonesia, and more than 400 Indonesians were selected and sent to the United States for graduate training.  These two Indonesian institutions have evolved into mature educational institutions and each has had a profound role in the development of Indonesia.


2007 - Faculty from the University of Kentucky worked to increase the ability of three Indonesian universities to meet the needs of thier students, businesses, government, and non-government organizations. These universities, University of Brawijaya, University of Lampung, and Syiah Kuala University; worked with UK to strengthen their teaching programs, provide technical assistance and mentoring for Indonesian professors, and assist in the development of management systems to diversify their income sources and provide more support to the region. More Information.

1988 - The University of Kentucky was selected in international competition by the Asian Development Bank to prepare a project design for the Six Universities Development and Rehabilitation Project (Indonesia). This entailed supplying 22 person-months of consults over a three-month period to design a project of strengthen six public universities and twelve private universities. The focus was on upgrading faculty capabilities, physical facilities, and equipment of the Colleges of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Fisheries, Medicine, and Public Health. A $144 million agreement between the ADB and the Government of Indonesia was a result. 

1983 - The University of Kentucky was designated lead institution of a SECID project funded by the Asian Development Bank to design a new project to strengthen the University of Sriwijaya (UNSRI), Palembang, Indonesia. Target faculties included engineering, medicine, economics, and agriculture. The design included planning for a new campus. The design was completed on schedule and presented to the ADB and the Directorate General for Higher Education. As a result of this design and a proposal prepared and submitted by UK and SECID, the Government of Indonesia selected SECID as the contractor for the implementation of the ADB-UNSRI project. UK, as the lead institution, managed all technical and financial aspects of the project. Emphasis was placed upon assisting in curriculum design, laboratories, classrooms, research programs, and more for engineering, basic sciences, medicine, agriculture, and economics. 

1980 - The University of Kentucky was invited by the Government of Indonesia and USAID to participate in the design and implementation of a program to assist 11 public institutions of higher education in Western Indonesia in improving their programs in agriculture and rural development. This Western Universities Agricultural Education Project provided for upgrading of teaching, research, and public services programs, as well as assistance in administration and management and in the implementation of the credit-hour system mandated by the Directorate General of Higher Education. More Information.


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